Listen to samples of Forrest playing pipes

It is the goal at my mortuaries to provide the highest quality service to every family we serve. Our personal belief is that every service should be meaningful and memorable. A funeral or memorial service is the final opportunity a family has to honor and cherish the memory of their loved one. For these reasons, we use Forrest as our Piper and Buglar exclusively. If need be, we will even change the funeral time to ensure that we can have Forrest present so that family has the finest to perform for them. He is truly an accomplished musician and a professional in every sense of the word.

-Nick Jones

I have been a funeral director for over ten years. In the years previous to meeting Forrest, I never cared for bagpipes at a funeral. They always reminded me of someone stepping on a cats tail and I found them to be more of an irritation instead of adding anything to the occasion.

Forrest first played on one of my services about five years ago, and I immediately realized that this guy knew what he was doing! I never knew that you could tune a bagpipe, and boy what a difference! I soon came to appreciate what a REAL bagpipe player adds to a service.

When Forrest, dressed in his Scottish Military uniform, starts playing his pipes at the beginning of the service it really sets the tone and announces to all that this is truly a special time to remember, honor and show how much ones’ “loved one” meant to them. I now recommend Forrest to every family I serve, knowing that not one of them has ever regretted their decision to have him play for them and how thankful they have been for having recommended him.

-Mark Van Camp

I have known Forrest for over 5 years. Forrest is not only my friend but has assisted me with live bugle on numerous occasions. Forrest is a true professional, very dedicated and extremely reliable. I can not stress enough to funeral homes that if families desire a live bugler Forrest should be their choice.

-Major Frank Jakic

Nothing strikes the heart of emotion at a celebration of life as the first few notes of the bagpipes; whether it be “Scotland the Brave”, “Danny Boy” or the well known sounds of “Amazing Grace”. Forrest Cormany sets the standard for all other to follow. I have used his services many times and have had nothing but sincere praise from the families who have used him. I appreciate his professionalism, compassion and flexibility.

-Mark Lohman