Get a Wedding Bagpiper to Make Your Special Day More Memorable

There are a lot of important aspects to hosting a memorable wedding, music being one of them. While more and more wedding planners and couples are gradually inclining towards digital music and DJs for entertaining them during the event, opting for bagpipers often helps to give a traditional feel to the event.

Some might claim that bagpipers are more suited to events like funerals and memorials, but their services can also be very useful in weddings. The music and tracks performed by a good Wedding Bagpiper will not only make your special day more attractive and memorable but will also give you the experience of a lifetime.

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A bagpiper can do more than just play amazing music

Bagpipers are very common in the United Kingdom, but their popularity is on the gradual rise in other parts of the world as well. Countries like the United States of America are embracing these musicians and their services in a number of different events such as weddings, funerals, memorials, etc.

The state of California, for instance, has a growing industry with more and more people looking for such musicians to play beautiful music on special occasions. Bagpipers, however, can do more than just play beautiful music on your special occasion.

The sound and the music delivered by bagpipers can often create an incredible ambiance in weddings by entertaining the guests and the entire wedding party entertained. Their music is ideal for creating the perfect mood on your special day and evokes powerful emotions from all the people involved. This can heighten the entire experience of your wedding, and end up enhancing your special day more than you could have imagined.


Forrest Cormany – A pioneer bagpiper in the Southern California region

An accomplished professional bagpiper in the Southern California region, Forrest Cormany is one of the best bagpipers that you can find for playing the bagpipe at your wedding. He has been playing the instrument for over thirty years and is a part of the Los Angeles Scottish grade 1 Pipe Band.

The band has the highest ranking among American bands that have competed in the World Championships held in Scotland. Along the way to an accomplished career, Forrest Cormany has achieved a number of feats and is now considered as one of the premier bagpipers in America.

He performs in all sorts of events that include weddings, memorials, and funerals. Through his professional website, SoCal Bagpiper, Forrest has made his professional services available for hire. The music from his Wedding Bagpipe has received widespread appreciation at the many events that he has played in over the years.

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This has contributed majorly to his growing reputation as one of the finest bagpipers, not only in the United States of America but the world over. However, Forrest does not only play the bagpipe at weddings. His professional services include a lot more than that.

Services offered by Forrest Cormany

Forrest Cormany plays the bagpipe professionally at a number of different events. They include:


Music is an important aspect of any wedding. While most people rely on bands, digital music or even DJs to make the wedding entertaining, the music from a Bagpipe Wedding can make the event appear more elegant, classy and memorable. After all, you do not want your guests to be harassed with cheesy numbers and tracks.

Moreover, weddings are occasions for people to get social and interact with each other. Loud and blaring tracks involving mindless music can often ruin the moment and wreck the mood completely. On the other hand, the music from a bagpipe can create the ideal ambiance for your guests to be entertained without having to compromise on their ability to socialize.



If you are hosting a memorial service in the memory of a departed person or an event of the past, nothing could make it better than the music of a bagpipe playing in the background. Moreover, the uniform of bagpipers can also render a great appearance to the memorial service, and enhance the importance of the entire event. Forrest Cormany, with his incredible uniform and complete regalia, is able to play any music of your choice that can help to make the memorial service a memorable one.


Military events

Forrest Cormany has often played the bagpipe in a number of military and state events. Bagpipers have been a common feature in many such events hosted by the military or the state in the past. He has ensured that his services maintain the strict standards that are set by the military or the state. Given the importance of such events, his quality and choice of music ensure that there is nothing amiss, which could ruin the event or its importance.


Choice of music

One of the best aspects of Forrest Cormany is that he is able to play a wide range of music on his bagpipe that allows him to render his services to a variety of events. The collection of music that he is able to play on the instrument is different for each event and is dependent on the event in which he performs.

However, he is always open to widening his range, and if you have any special choice in terms of music, he makes every attempt to accommodate your choices. In case you have a request that is not within his repertoire, he makes every attempt to learn the desired tunes and source the necessary music so that your requests can be met.

Weddings, funerals, memorials and other such events tend to hold a great deal of importance in the life of a person. With quality music in the background, these events can be enhanced to a great extent, and become even more memorable.

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