Military Bagpipes

Few things are as impressive as a bagpiper in full regalia with properly tuned pipes. Military bagpipes have a rich history and should not be cut short. Having played in numerous grade 1 world championships, Forrest is one of the few pipers in California properly qualified to deliver true military bagpipe form.

When it comes to having a military funeral, the sounds of a bagpipe are timeless and press upon respect and honor when times seem to be difficult. Having the bagpipes played during a funeral shows not only respect for the fallen but brings to light all that is stood for making the day seem a bit easier.

Below is just one instance of Forrest Cormany leading the way with the sounds of respect and honor flowing out of the bagpipes that he plays. In full uniform and holding himself as he should for the fallen.

SoCal Bagpiper military bagpipes

Forrest Cormany escorting a military funeral.

The Uniform

Forrest has two traditional uniform options available and both are traditional uniform used for most any occasion. He holds himself with the knowledge of what a true bagpiper should look and play like a without other not needed distractions. His sounds are of the best in the business and stand true to his word of being exactly what is needed at this time.

Other pipers in California make due with only a kilt, white shirt, tie, white socks and maybe a black jacket. This kind of attire simply does not do the pipes justice. We believe that those who have served this country, deserve the best that can be provided to. That is why the wearing of “military dress” and having the added blessing of “live” taps makes his service a level above the rest.

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