Funeral Bagpiper

SoCal Bagpiper's Forrest Cormany is a funeral bagpiper for hire in Riverside, Los Angeles, Anaheim, San Diego, San Bernardino, Fountain Valley, Fontana, as well as, surrounding areas.

Rich in history and with an unparalleled nobility of spirit, the funeral bagpipe brings an added dimension of pomp and ceremony to any service.

No other instrument captures and sets the mood of the moment. No other instrument so touches the heart, perhaps the very soul. The skirl of the bagpipes has played men into battle for centuries. The melodies that inspired men were heard from the highlands, glens, and moors of Scotland and Ireland.

The bagpipe is one instrument that has been used in state funerals as well as military funerals for centuries. They have also had a commanding presence in other state or military affairs as well. However, over the past decade, bagpipers are emerging as a common feature in regular and private funerals.

The kind of music played by funeral bagpipers help give the departed a send-off full of emotions. After all, your loved ones deserve the best parting possible.

Funeral Bagpiper for Hire
Funeral Bagpiper for Hire

The Bagpipes Arrive in America

World War I took American troops in mass (over one million) for the first time in Europe. These troops witnessed for the first time, British pipers leading the men into battle.

World War II again saw the pipers leading the troops off of the landing crafts and onto the beaches of Normandy on D-day. President Kennedy invited the pipes and drums of the Regimental Black Watch to perform on the White House lawn for him and his family. Just days later First Lady Jackie Kennedy requested the band to take part in President Kennedy’s funeral procession.

Scottish Highlanders with Rifles
Scottish Highlanders with Rifles

Everybody wants to give their departed loved ones a good send off. A funeral service is a special day where you get to celebrate the life of someone you have lost with family and friends.

How can you make a funeral service stand out, you ask? One special way is by hiring a professional funeral bagpiper to play inspiring songs.

An experienced funeral bagpiper will add quality to the service that, not only keep every attendant inspired, but help make that day memorable.

Are you searching for a professional funeral bagpiper in Southern California that will walk with you through this difficult moment? If yes, then today you have landed in the right place.

Forrest Cormany is a reputable and experienced bagpiper in Southern California who is committed to ensuring clients quality services that exceed expectations.