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Extraordinarily reliable

One thing that you can be sure of when you hire the services of Forrest Cormany is that he cares about his clients more than anything else. When you hire his bagpiper services, you can be sure that he will guide you through a selection of funeral songs such as amazing grace among many others to ensure that you give your loved one a good sendoff. He will offer a unique and special solo piping service to ensure the ceremony lovely and memorable.

Forrest Cormany understands the pain of losing someone that you really care about. That is why is ready to walk with you through the difficult journey as well as help you give the lost hero a sendoff that he/she deserve. He will use his instrument to capture the mood of the moment to touch the heart and soul of every person attending the funeral.

Socal Bagpiper Irish Bagpipes


Extensive repertoire

With an extensive repertoire featuring hundreds of tunes, you can be sure he will add the right the kind of emotion and flair to the funeral service. As a professional bagpiper who has played at funerals, he will help take you through a selection of appropriate tunes.

He also has many tunes available in line meaning that you can listen to them in your own time so that you can be able to choose the right laments or tunes for you and your loved ones to help make this day memorable.

There is no any other way to give your loved one final tribute than to have a proper pipe play. The poignant and haunting sounds of the bagpipes will accompany your loved one to rest in peace. Forrest Cormany takes pride for being one of the few bagpipes in southern California who is able to fit with whatever the mourner require. He will give mourners the comfort that they are looking for during this difficult time.


Highly skilled and experienced 

Forrest Cormany has many years of experience as a professional bagpiper for funeral services. His experience and skills have enabled him to give all his clients what they are looking for when mourning the loss of the loved one. He will not only guide you on songs to play at the funeral but will also give you his wide selection of tunes that will move every person attending the funeral service.

Bagpiper services are very competitive in southern California. It is very difficult for someone to survive rendering his/her service if he does not give clients exactly what they are looking for. Considering the fact that Forrest Cormany has offered his services for many years, it means that people believe in his bagpiper skills.

As an experienced and skilled bagpiper, Forrest Cormany promises that you should expect nothing but quality funeral laments that everybody attending the funeral with identity with.

Forrest Cormany Full Dress

Customized services

The best way to mourn your loved one is by doing things exactly the way that particular person would want. When you hire the services, Forrest Cormany, he will not give you what he thinks is right for your funeral but he will work with you closely to ensure that he gives you exactly what you want.

The moment you call him will first take your time to inquire exactly what you want him to play at the funeral. He will also give you advice on some of the things that he can do to make the day memorable. However, you will be the one to have the final say on what you want him to do. Your wish will be his command. He will not only make the event to stand out but he will also ensure that you give your lost loved one a good send off.


He enjoys good reputation

If you go online and read what other people who have used his services are saying, you will discover that Forrest Cormany enjoys a good reputation amongst his clients. In fact, according to him, the majority of his clients come from referrals. The main reason why he has managed to attract huge client base in southern California is that he is always committed to ensuring that he gives his clients the best bagpiper funeral service that meets their expectations. He will never obstruct your funeral service, he will only be seen and heard. The good reputation that he enjoys is a clear indication that you will also not get disappointed when you make that prudent decision of hiring him at your funeral service.


Value for money guaranteed

Unlike other bagpipers in southern California who are more interested in making money, Forrest Cormany is more interested in delivering quality bagpiper services. According to him, his clients always come first before money. He is more interested in service delivery as opposed to what is going to get into his pockets.

That is why he always offers his services at a very reasonable price. He usually gets satisfaction when he sees his clients happy because they are satisfied with his work.

In conclusion, if you have lost your loved one and you want to make the funeral service memorable, then hiring a professional bagpiper will help make your dream a reliability. Forrest Cormany is highly skilled and experienced bagpiper who has rendered his services to many people who are moaning the loss of their loved ones. Don’t wait, call him today and you won’t get disappointed

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