Bagpiper for Hire in Southern California - Wedding March

Bagpiper for Hire

Forrest Cormany is a professional bagpiper for hire in Southern California. He began playing the bagpipes when he was only 11 years old. His experience and knowledge playing for funerals, weddings and special events, sets him apart from other bagpipers.

Funeral Bagpiper for Hire

Funeral Bagpiper

Honor your loved one with the calm and somber sound of bagpipes. Add a dimension of pomp and ceremony to any service.

Bagpiper Forrest Cormany at Wedding

Wedding Bagpiper

The ambient sound of bagpipes playing at a wedding is something you and your guests will never forget.

Special Events & Party Bagpiper

Event Bagpiper

From birthday parties to corporate events, hiring a bagpiper will make it an event you will never forget.

Sounds of a Bagpiper

From the haunting, eternal melody of a slow aire to the lilt of a quick march, the sound of the pipes has moved and touched hearts thru the ages. Rich in history, and with an unparalleled nobility of spirit, the bagpipe brings an added dimension to any event. No other instrument captures and sets the mood of the moment. No other instrument so touches the heart, perhaps the very soul.

Bagpiper at a Funeral
Funeral Bagpiper

“Nothing strikes the heart with emotion more than the sound of bagpipes playing Amazing Grace at a funeral. That IS the reason why bagpipes are played at a funeral.” - Mark VanCamp-Funeral Director

Bagpiper Skill Level

Forrest Cormany is a Grade 1 bagpiper in Southern California who has dedicated a lifetime to the instrument and culture. Grade levels describe a players level of skill. A Grade 1 piper is a professional in their craft. It's important to assess the skill level of a bagpiper before you hire them.

Forrest Cormany - age 11

Forrest Cormany at Riverside National Cemetery
Forrest Cormany at Mission Lakes Country Club

Bagpipe Funeral Services

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