Forrest Cormany is an accomplished professional bagpiper in Southern California. Forrest is available for hire for a variety of events.


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Slow Air



Bagpipes for...

  • Military Bagpipes - Bugle Taps
  • Funeral Bagpipes
  • Traditional Playing of Amazing Grace Bagpipes
  • (most requested)
  • Wedding Bagpipes
  • Memorial Bagpipes
  • Celebration, Birthday, etc. Bagpipes
  • Premier Bagpiper for Riverside National Cemetery

Professional Bagpiper of Southern California

The skirl of the bagpipes makes it difficult to keep from tapping one's foot to the beat of a regimental quick-march or with the somber strains of a slow air or a spiritual hymn, bring a tear to the eye of the most staunched-hearted listener.

Rich in history and with an unparalleled nobility of spirit, they have played fighting men into battle for centuries. With a pageantry of sight and sound the Great Highland Bagpipe raises the level of esprit de corps and brings and added dimension of pomp and ceremony for all military functions and civilian occasions.

Col. Lewis Lee Millett Sr.

Personal Piper for Medal of Honor Recipient Col. Lewis Millet

Forrest Cormany has been playing as a professional bagpiper since age 15. He currently provides the service of playing funeral and military bagpipe music from the Ventura County line to the Mexican border.


For a full list of services visit our services page. If you have any questions or are ready to hire a professional bagpiper, please call Forrest at 951-536-6625

Forrest Cormany performing live at a service.
Forrest playing with the highest ranked American band competing against the best bands in the world at the World Championships in Glasgow, Scotland